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Miskolc Hotels
Miskolc Hotels 
Károly Hotel
Rooms from: 72 EUR
József Attila utca 55., Miskolc 3527

We offer our kind greeting and welcome you to stop at Károly Hotel. Our charming hotel is conveniently located in Miskolc with easy access to the delights it offers. Our physical address is József Attila utca 55.. Discover the sumptuous comfort and personal care provided by the beautiful Károly Hotel. All our guests are special and deserve to receive special services in a special hotel like ours. The stay in this hotel is the best choice for a vacation in Miskolc.
Alfa Hotel és Wellness Centrum
Rooms from: 46 EUR
Feny? u. 17-19, Miskolc 3519

We offer our kind greeting and welcome you to stop at Alfa Hotel és Wellness Centrum. The excellent situation of our hotel, close to all attractions, allows everyone to enjoy Miskolc in full. Our physical address is Feny? u. 17-19. The ideal establishment to stay during your visit, Alfa Hotel és Wellness Centrum is famous for its coziness and friendliness. This elegant hotel provides its guests with unparalleled services and special attention as usual. The services of the hotel and the delights of Miskolc guarantee you an agreeable vacation.
City Hotel Miskolc
Rooms from: 70 EUR
Csabai kapu út 6, Miskolc 3529

You are most welcome to stay at City Hotel Miskolc. The hotel is ideally positioned so that all Miskolc's places of interest are nearby and you can easily access all local amenities. We are located at Csabai kapu út 6. For elegance, relaxation and full rest in style, you have to stop at in City Hotel Miskolc. This preferred hotel offers style and comfort through the wide variety of its services and amenities. Leisure and business travellers will find that staying in this hotel means their needs will be attended to.
Kikelet Club Hotel
Rooms from: 48 EUR
Feny? u. 7, Miskolc 3519

Kikelet Club Hotel invites you to discover all the wonders of our region. The hotel is perfect starting point to explore Miskolc and all its little secrets. To find us, go to Feny? u. 7. Kikelet Club Hotel offers ideal conditions and personalized attention to its guests during their stay. With our rich and long experience in taking care of our guests we engage in providing quality services at all times. The strategic location of our hotel will ensure an enjoyable vacation in Miskolc.
Öreg Miskolcz Hotel
Rooms from: 69 EUR
Horváth Lajos ut 11, Miskolc 3525

Öreg Miskolcz Hotel salutes warmly its guests. The excellent situation of our hotel, close to all attractions, allows everyone to enjoy Miskolc in full. The hotel is located at Horváth Lajos ut 11. At Öreg Miskolcz Hotel you will discover attention to detail and incomparable comfort together with tasteful decoration and graceful interior. Timeless style, wide range of facilities and personalized attention are our trademarks we take pride in. The stay in this hotel is the best choice for a vacation in Miskolc.
Lévay Villa Hotel
Rooms from: 60 EUR
Lévay utca 13, Miskolc 3529

With our most sincere salutations we invite you to put up in Lévay Villa Hotel. No matter where you are in Miskolc our hotel is always close by to offer rest and comfort. We can be found at Lévay utca 13. A nice hotel, set in charming surroundings, Lévay Villa Hotel is preferred by travellers who seek tranquility. You will find all your needs met because we provide services that are really appreciated by travellers. The amenities of the hotel and the points of interest in Miskolc ensure you'll have a pleasant vacation.
Bástya Wellness Hotel
Rooms from: 46 EUR
Miskolctapolcai út 1 - 3, Miskolc 3519

Bástya Wellness Hotel welcomes all visitors to this area. Our hotel is situated only a short walk away from all the things Miskolc provides for its guests. You can find the hotel at Miskolctapolcai út 1 - 3. Combining tradition and modernity Bástya Wellness Hotel provides a perfect stay for all visitors to the place. In our hotel you will witness traditional hospitality with all latest conveniences that help make your stay as good as possible. If you are on a vacation in Miskolc you have to stay in our hotel for it is close by all famous sightseeing routes.
Hotel Szeleta
Rooms from: 50 EUR
Szeleta u. 12-14, Miskolc 3517

Accept our kind greetings and stop at Hotel Szeleta. All that is to see in Miskolc is close by our elegant hotel, set strategically in the place. You can discover our hotel at Szeleta u. 12-14. Hotel Szeleta provides security, comfort and calmness and attends carefully to all your needs. Our services and amenities help you unwind and relax in full and at the same time have as much fun as possible. For a no-thrills vacation in Miskolc, choose to stay in this hotel.
Hotel Pannonia
Rooms from: 62 EUR
Kossuth u. 2, Miskolc 3525

We extend our warmest greetings and invite you to stay at Hotel Pannonia. From our hotel all interesting places in Miskolc are within easy reach. Our address is Kossuth u. 2. In Hotel Pannonia you can find a place, which is a home away from home with the same tranquility, comfort and security of your home. Our guests can find all the conveniences they require from a hotel due to the comprehensive range of services we offer. For an agreeable vacation in Miskolc, stop by at our charming hotel.
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