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Sopron Hotels
Sopron Hotels 
Gibraltár Vendégház
Rooms from: 72 EUR
Bercsényi M. 35., Sopron 9400

Welcome to Gibraltár Vendégház during your stay in the area. Our charming hotel is conveniently located in Sopron with easy access to the delights it offers. Our physical address is Bercsényi M. 35.. The ideal establishment to stay during your visit, Gibraltár Vendégház is famous for its coziness and friendliness. Timeless style, wide range of facilities and personalized attention are our trademarks we take pride in. Staying in our hotel will add up to the satisfaction from your vacation in Sopron.
Civitas Boutique Hotel
Rooms from: 40 EUR
Rákóczi Ferenc ut 33, Sopron 9400

Civitas Boutique Hotel salutes warmly its guests. All places of interest in Sopron are in the vicinity of our hotel, which makes it an ideal place to stay. The hotel is located at Rákóczi Ferenc ut 33. If you need a place to stay and keep pleasant memories, Civitas Boutique Hotel is the best choice for you. At this hotel high quality service and personal attention build a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. Our hotel is the perfect choice for an enjoyable vacation in Sopron.
Palatinus Pension
Rooms from: 30 EUR
23. Új street, Sopron 9400

Palatinus Pension invites you to discover all the wonders of our region. The hotel is a convenient initial place for visiting and learning more about Sopron. The physical address of the hotel is 23. Új street. In Palatinus Pension you can find a place, which is a home away from home with the same tranquility, comfort and security of your home. With our rich and long experience in taking care of our guests we engage in providing quality services at all times. The strategic location of our hotel will ensure an enjoyable vacation in Sopron.
Hotel Fagus
Rooms from: 79 EUR
Ojtózi Fasor 3, Sopron 9400

Accept our kind greetings and stop at Hotel Fagus. Our hotel is preferred for its closeness to all major points of fun and business in Sopron. You can find the hotel at Ojtózi Fasor 3. Choose Hotel Fagus to make your stay a perfect one with its quiet environment and attention to your individual tastes. Our services and amenities help you unwind and relax in full and at the same time have as much fun as possible. No matter whether you're in town for business or pleasure you'll enjoy staying in our hotel.
Best Western Pannonia Hotel
Rooms from: 63 EUR
Várkerület 75, Sopron 9400

With our most sincere salutations we invite you to put up in Best Western Pannonia Hotel. Our hotel is nearby to most of the points of interest in Sopron. We are located at Várkerület 75. A nice hotel, set in charming surroundings, Best Western Pannonia Hotel is preferred by travellers who seek tranquility. We make our guests feel at home I our hotel through impeccable service and attentive care. No matter if you are on a business or leisure trip we can provide everything you need to make it as enjoyable as possible.
Hotel Sopron
Rooms from: 50 EUR
Fövényverem utca 7, Sopron 9400

Hotel Sopron pays its respects to all guests of the area. All points of interest in Sopron are within reach from our first-class hotel. To come to the hotel, you have to find Fövényverem utca 7. Hotel Sopron offers personal attention to every whimsical traveller in its inviting setting and warm atmosphere. Our sophisticated services and the variety of facilities ensure your stay will be a restful and enjoyable one. Being in our hotel will help you get the most of your stay in the area no matter if you travel for leisure or business.
Wieden Panzió
Rooms from: 30 EUR
Sas tér 13., Sopron 9400

We offer our kind greeting and welcome you to stop at Wieden Panzió. The situation of our hotel makes it a good initial point to discover Sopron. To find the hotel, go to Sas tér 13.. If you search to stay in place that is a home away from home, choose the stylish and elegant Wieden Panzió.
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