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Sarvar Hotels
Sarvar Hotels 
Hotel Viktória
Rooms from: 40 EUR
Deák Ferenc 6, Sarvar 9600

Anyone who visits the area is welcome to stay at Hotel Viktória. All places of interest in Sarvar are in the vicinity of our hotel, which makes it an ideal place to stay. Our physical address is Deák Ferenc 6. At Hotel Viktória you will discover attention to detail and incomparable comfort together with tasteful decoration and graceful interior. Timeless style, wide range of facilities and personalized attention are our trademarks we take pride in. The services of the hotel and the delights of Sarvar guarantee you an agreeable vacation.
Thermal Pension & Apartmenthaus
Rooms from: 27 EUR
Feketehi­d 17, Sarvar 9600

We salute you on behalf of Thermal Pension & Apartmenthaus. The beautiful hotel is perfectly situated in Sarvar and brings everything to your doorway. We are located at Feketehi­d 17. A nice hotel, set in charming surroundings, Thermal Pension & Apartmenthaus is preferred by travellers who seek tranquility.
Hotel Bassiana
Rooms from: 60 EUR
Várkerület 29 - 2, Sarvar 9600

Hotel Bassiana bids welcome to everyone visiting the region. The hotel is a convenient initial place for visiting and learning more about Sarvar. The hotel can be found at Várkerület 29 - 2. Hotel Bassiana offers ideal conditions and personalized attention to its guests during their stay. If you are looking for peace and relaxation our professional services will help you feel like home. Whether travelling for leisure or business you can be sure that staying in our hotel will meet all your requirements.
Park Inn Sarvar
Rooms from: 56 EUR
Vadkert u. 4, Sarvar 9600

Park Inn Sarvar bids welcome to everyone visiting the region. Our hotel is famous for its proximity to all interesting places in Sarvar and the rich experiences they can offer. The physical address of the hotel is Vadkert u. 4. In Park Inn Sarvar you can find a place, which is a home away from home with the same tranquility, comfort and security of your home. Our guests can find all the conveniences they require from a hotel due to the comprehensive range of services we offer. Staying in our hotel ensures you'll have a pleasant business or leisure trip.
Wolf Pansion
Rooms from: 36 EUR
Rákóczi u. 11, Sarvar 9600

All who visit the region are welcome to put up in Wolf Pansion. Our hotel is situated only a short walk away from all the things Sarvar provides for its guests. You can find the hotel at Rákóczi u. 11. Wolf Pansion provides security, comfort and calmness and attends carefully to all your needs. Through uncompromised service we offer comfort and safety and make sure all our guests are attended to in style. For a no-thrills vacation in Sarvar, choose to stay in this hotel.
Wolf Hotel
Rooms from: 44 EUR
Alkotmány utca 4, Sarvar 9600

The guests of the area are invited to stop at Wolf Hotel. The beautiful hotel is perfectly situated in Sarvar and brings everything to your doorway. We are located at Alkotmány utca 4. Everything that a traveller might want, Wolf Hotel can provide for in a friendly and unobtrusive manner. We make our guests feel at home I our hotel through impeccable service and attentive care. The amenities of the hotel and the points of interest in Sarvar ensure you'll have a pleasant vacation.
Hotel Aqua
Rooms from: 37 EUR
Fekete-híd ut 126, Sarvar 9600

We offer our kind greeting and welcome you to stop at Hotel Aqua. The situation of our hotel makes it a good initial point to discover Sarvar. The hotel is located at Fekete-híd ut 126. If you search to stay in place that is a home away from home, choose the stylish and elegant Hotel Aqua. Our friendly hospitality and first-class facilities turn our hotel into the best choice for all travellers to the place. To ensure you will enjoy your vacation in Sarvar in full, stay at our elegant hotel.
Gasthaus Joó-Wellness Pension
Rooms from: 37 EUR
Széchenyi str.5, Sarvar 9641

Gasthaus Joó-Wellness Pension pays its respects to all guests of the area. Our hotel is preferred for its closeness to all major points of fun and business in Sarvar. You can discover our hotel at Széchenyi str.5. Choose Gasthaus Joó-Wellness Pension to make your stay a perfect one with its quiet environment and attention to your individual tastes. In our hotel you will witness traditional hospitality with all latest conveniences that help make your stay as good as possible. If you are on a vacation in Sarvar you have to stay in our hotel for it is close by all famous sightseeing routes.
Szieszta Panzió
Rooms from: 40 EUR
Rákóczi Ferenc utca 57./ A, Sarvar 9600

The guests of the area are invited to stop at Szieszta Panzió. No matter where you are in Sarvar our hotel is always close by to offer rest and comfort. Following is our address: Rákóczi Ferenc utca 57./ A. Find in Szieszta Panzió all that you need for a perfect stay combining tradition and harmony. Travellers prefer this hotel not only because of the good quality of its rooms and services, but also because of their reasonable prices. Discover what the hotel can provide for you.
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